Amy Bigelow

Amy Bigelow

School Guidance Counselor

Phone: 802.857.7000 x.2015


"Keep looking up... That's the secret of life... ~ Snoopy"




Updates from the School Counselor

  • I am currently teaching a 6 week unit in Mr. Kenny, Mrs. Coviello, Mrs. Guntulis and Mr. Guilmette’s classroom. I am using parts of theĀ Second Step Curriculum which focuses on 3 areas of learning and growth:
    • Empathy
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Problem Solving
  • Lessons have included:
    • Empathy and Compassion; with the supplemental stories of “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” and “Stand in my Shoes”
    • Styles of Communication – Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive; with the supplemental story of “Dare” (from the Weird, Dare and Tough series)
    • Understanding Similarities and Differences; with the supplemental story of “Judgmental Flower” by Julia Cook
    • Understanding Complex Emotions
    • The YouTube Video; “How to Unmake a Bully” (4th grade) and “How to Unmake a Bully, 4 – Left Out” (5th grade) as a follow up to the Bullying/Harassment lessons Mr. Ryan and I presented at the start of the school year.
  • Ms. Songer and Mrs. Hopper’s classes meet every other Friday for these lessons, and Mrs. Lemnah, Mrs. Auch, Mrs. Lee, and Ms. Siracusa’s classes will start their 6 week unit on October 19th.
  • If you would like any supplemental materials to use at home with your child, there is a Parent Link to the Second Step lessons I can provide you.
  • Please feel free to view some of the video clips I use with the classes on the Guidance Link below


  • I will be facilitating small groups during the 4th and 5th grade MTSS times throughout the year. Each group will meet twice a week for 6 weeks. If you feel your child would benefit from being in a group, please email me at: or call me at 857-7000; ext. 2015. Topics are: Emotional Regulation (Zones of Regulation); Friendship; Anxiety; and Coping with Divorce or Separation.



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