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Jeff Guilmette

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"Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. ~ Garrison Keillor"



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NASA about planets

A look at the planets of our solar system! Click on any planet listed in the menu bar to gain access to detailed facts. All planet sites have the same layout with menu tabs featuring … overview, moons, gallery of photos, facts and figures

Children University

Use this terrific interactive site to learn basic facts of the planets in our solar system, their order, and an easy ‘trick’ to help remember them!

Science Up Close

Interactive animated clips! What a terrific way to learn more about science, specifically how planets moves in orbit. This highly visual site includes an audio reader. Highly recommended for students and educators.

Exploring the planets

Website contains exceptional detail on all elements of the Solar System. Coverage includes facts, Earth-based views, and information on planets, comets, space missions and the like.

Enchanted Learning

This survey of the planets includes all the basics, size, mass, atmosphere, length of day, and the like. It features interactive activities and learning exercises and compares all of the planets in colorful tables. Contains Ads However!

Kids Planetarium

Explore the nine planets in our solar system in this animated planetarium. Click on a planet and find out all kinds of cool facts.

NASA space images

An outstanding collection of NASA space images, with images of all of the planets and many smaller bodies as well. Click on an image to read an explanation of it.

Science Monster

Doing a report on one the nine planets in our solar system? Just click on the planet of your choice and get basic information, such as mass, temperature, and atmospheric components.

Circuit Game


Fifth Grade Resources

Computer Coding Class

Typing Club

U.S. States and Capitals Practice





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